Essential Information

Type Planetarium shows
Royal Observatory
Date and Times 13th & 18th February 2023 | 10.30am
Prices £10 Adult | £5 Child | Free Companion Tickets
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Our Morning Stars planetarium shows are designed for anyone who would benefit from a calmer and more relaxed environment, in particular those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

These shows are presented live by a Royal Observatory astronomer with several adaptations from our normal planetarium sessions, including:

  • Room lighting is left at a higher level, bright enough that you can walk around safely and leave more easily if you wish.
  • The brighter lighting also means that you will be able re-enter the planetarium during the show.
  • Narration is much slower and calmer.
  • The presenter will describe everything before it happens, giving plenty of time for you to prepare for any changes in light levels, imagery or sounds.
  • A small number of ear defenders will be available to borrow for the duration of the show. You will be able to take a pair after you enter the planetarium. We recommend you bring your own if you feel you would like to use them.
  • Fewer tickets are available so there is more space to spread out from other visitors.
  • The show runs at the beginning of the day, so fewer visitors will be around the site in general.

Free entry to the Astronomy Photographer of the Year exhibition at the National Maritime Museum is included with this show. Please note that this exhibition will also be open to general entry, so may be overwhelming for some.

There are different variations of this show, to suit those with different levels of astronomy knowledge:

Monday 13th February: Beginners Show

10:30am | Royal Observatory Greenwich

This version of the show is more suitable for younger children or anyone who has very little knowledge of astronomy. It will feature an introduction to topics, such as constellations, planets, and the Moon.

Additional date in April opening soon.

Saturday 18th February: Advanced Show

10:30am | Royal Observatory Greenwich

This version of the show is more suitable for older children, adults or anyone who would benefit from a more in-depth look into the subject.  It will focus on more higher-level topics, such as the life cycle of a star, and how to spot specific astronomical objects in the night sky.

Under-5s will not be admitted – the Beginners Show is suitable for younger children.

Additional date in April opening soon.

How to book

Planetarium shows are now available to book online and by phone. Our shows are very popular, to prevent any disappointment, we recommend booking your tickets in advance.

To book your tickets, please click here or contact the Bookings team on 0208 312 6608. The office is open Monday-Sunday, 9am-5pm.