Museums To You – Dinosaur Week 1, 23 March 2020

Autistic kids like routine so current restrictions are making life very different.

Autism in Museums wanted to share some themed resources to keep you busy and add a little distraction to your day. Many autistic kids have special interests so each week will be themed around some common favourites.

I will normally share 3 tweets from 10am every day Mon-Fri. These are activities or links we have tried out to see what we have enjoyed. Some you will need a printer for but it allows you to do some activities off-line as well as online. I will also share a virtual tour of a museum so you can search around for yourself and find some favourites exhibits.

On a Friday I will post a blog with all the week’s content. Do let me know how you get on and if you have any favourites!

Monday –


We began with a simple Word Search (needs printer) from Oxford University Museum of Natural History @morethanadodo


Next we tried to work out how a T-Rex should sound with the Roarsome T-Rex Roar Mixer from the American Museum of Natural History @AMNH


For our first virtual tour we are heading to the Fossil Hall, this is a former exhibit, you can find the link on this page. @NMNH



Not strictly dinosaurs but we love them so have a go at drawing a Wolly Mammoth with these instructions from National Museums Scotland @NtlMuseumsScot


If you are not so confident on drawing then these templates are great. Design-a-saurus (needs printer) from National Museums Scotland @NtlMuseumsScot


If you don’t enjoy drawing then how about a quiz? What dinosaur are you? From Natural History Museum @NHM_London


Today’s virtual tour is a trip to Melbourne Museum to see their Dinosaur Walk with 17 skeletons of prehistoric animals @museumsvictoria



For those who enjoyed our colouring yesterday but want a bit more of a challenge how about these Dino colouring sheets from the Dinosaur Museum Dorchester @DinosaursDorch


We had fun designing our own dinosaur – Dress up a T-Rex with @AMNH with your favourite colours! Dress up a T-Rex…#Dinosaurs#DinoWeek#Day3#AutisminMuseums#MuseumsToYou


For today’s virtual tour we are off to Wollaton Hall to see Dinosaurs of China, click on the tags for more content including a video with Chris Packham @V21Artspace



I was intrigued by this vase that has dinosaurs on it that got squashed, can you write a 300 word story explaining what happened to it? From the Smithsonian American Art Museum @smithsonian


Got an amazing memory for dinos? You can create your own dino top trumps using this template from The Natural History Museum @NHM_London


We like this video that explains how they made a Titanosaur Dino Skeleton from 3D scans and 3D printing from the American Museum of Natural History @AMNH

Friday –


You have been good all week, so we are letting you out of the museum to try this cool #dino quiz from the @guardian Test out your new knowledge


Don’t know about you but it has been a long week…So how about some dino jokes to lift the mood… From Oxford University Museum of Natural History @morethanadodo


Our final link for Dino Week – Want to chat to a real dinosaur? Then head to @FieldMuseum where you can ask Maximo the Titanosaur questions!

And an extra treat for Friday …


We hope you enjoyed Dinosaur Week !

Next week we will be focussing on all things Transport, buses, trains and boats so join us next week at 10am Mon-Fri for more fun and things to do as Autism in Museums brings #MuseumsToYou

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