Museums To You – Transport Week 2, 30th March

We hope you enjoyed Dinosaur Week last week. This week has been all about transport with trains, aircraft, cars, buses, ships and even a submarine!


Aircraft – Dot-to-Dot

We began with a Dot-to-Dot – Spitfire from the @RAFMuseum

Ship – Game

Voyage to Van Diemen’s Land with this brilliant game. It takes a bit of time, choose the crew and load the supplies, lots of mini games a fabulous resource from the Australian National Maritime Museum @SeaMuseum_

Submarine – Virtual

On Monday we took a virtual trip to Australia to visit a Submarine fromt he Australian National Maritime Museum @SeaMuseum_


Aircraft – Colouring

For those who like to colour we can have a got at this Harrier from the RAF Museum @RAFMuseum

Aircraft – Word Search

Have a go at this Word Search and then create your own one for someone in your family to try! From RAF Museum @RAFMuseum

Car – game

A simple game where you use nature to inspire your transport choices to clear pollution from different environments from the Virtual Museum of Canada @VirtualMuseCan

Gear up for Nature

Wednesday –

Aircraft – Writing

These Story Starters give you lots of ideas. Why don’t you take turns to write a line each from the story. From the RAF Museum @RAFMuseum

Ship – Making

This is a great template to make a pirate ship from Australian National Maritime Museum @SeaMuseum_

Buses – Virtual

For today’s virtual visit we are off to Hull and the Streetlife Museum of Transport they have some cool buses! @Hull_Museums

Thursday –

Trains/Buses Sing-a-long

For little ones how about Transit Tots sing-a-long time with New York Transit Museum @NYTransitMuseum

Aircraft Dot-to-Dot

We have another tricky Dot-to-Dot of a Typhoon from the RAF Museum @RAFMuseum

Train – virtual

If you really really love your trains you are going to love these virtual tours inside a whole host of trains! Get up close to the nitty gritty you can even look in the toilets! From the RailRoad Museum of Pennsylvania @RRmuseumpa

Virtual Tours

Friday –

Aircraft – Colouring

We are going to take things easy on Friday with a bit of colouring. How about this Mustang from the RAF Museum @RAFMuseum

Train – Puzzles

Time for a cup of tea and a puzzle from London Transport Museum this downloadable puzzle pack has a word search and crossword but you might need to cut of the answers so not cheating! Probably a bit tricky if you are not UK based but see how you get on! @LTMuseum

Aircraft – Virtual

I have a special treat for you as it is Friday. Do you want to step into the cockpit of a Concorde? Well take a trip to the Museum of flight in Washington to find out what it is like. @museumofflight

Thanks for joining us for Transport Week! I hope you are ready to go above and beyond next week as we are stepping into Space! #MuseumsToYou

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