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In April 2018 over 30 volunteers completed a Museum Marathon walking to over 26 museums in London in one day. We raised over £1,000 and some of that money is going towards purchasing sensory equipment to encourage museums, galleries and heritage sites to support autistic visitors in the UK.

Using this form  you will be able to select equipment to apply for and provide details so I can contact you if you are chosen to receive one of the packages on offer.

You can find out detailed information about what each package contains in this blog.

The deadline for completing the form is the 31st August 2018 (Now extended to 7th Sept) I will be bringing together a panel of young autistic people to help decide who will receive the equipment. The answers you give to this form will help us make a decision if lots of museums apply. I will be making a decision on who to give the equipment to in Sept – early Oct.

This offer is only open to UK based venues. All the equipment will be bought new from reputable suppliers and I will arrange for delivery to a named recipient at your museum.

If you have any questions or queries not covered in this survey please contact me via email at info@

There are 3 different Category A packages to give away and 5 Category B packages (which are the same), I decided to split up the equipment so it would benefit as many museums as possible. You can apply for a Category A and a Category B package but you will only receive one from each group.

Huge thanks to everyone who donated to Museum Marathon and everyone who took part, your help and support has enabled this to happen!


Tactile Package

1 x Tactile Sensory Bag from SpaceKraft – includes

An exciting bag full of tactile resources to get your hands on! Everyone will enjoy exploring the textures and shapes: – squeeze the Goohey Mesh Balls, fiddle with the Tangle, press the Squidgy Fish, roll the Hedgehog Balls – lots of fun at your fingertips!

Contents (may vary):

  • 1 x Sensory Bag
  • 4 x Goohey Mesh Balls
  • 2 x Tangle Fuzzie
  • 6 x Squidgy Sparkle Fish
  • 5 x Hedgehog Balls
  • 4 x Wriggly Centipedes
  • 1 x Squidgie Ball
  • 2 x Massage Rollers
  • 1 x Hand Massagers (Set of 3)
  • 1 x Japanese Spa Sisal Brush
  • 1 x Chinese Loofah
  • 1 x Knitted Sisal Sponge
  • 1 x Tactile Animals – Hedgehog
  • 1 x Mine Ball
  • 1 x UV Stubby Ball


4 x Softplay pillows from SpaceKraft

Size: W600mm x L600mm x D200mm

UV (Ultraviolet) Package

1x Visual Kit Deluxe from ROMPA

Typically includes:

  • Kit Bag
  • UV Lantern with Torch
  • UV Twister Rope (4m)
  • Linelite (4m)
  • UV Scarves
  • Space Blanket
  • Glow Gloves
  • Boing Ball
  • Colour Acrylic Mirrors
  • Colour Changing Egg
  • Twilight Turtle
  • Infinity Light Wand – Set of 4
  • Bizi Ball and Snoezelen® Sensory Squares – Set of 12.

Contents may vary according to availability.

For 3 years and over. This pack may contain some small parts. Some of these products will require batteries.


1 X Nursery Bean Bag from ROMPA

Soft seating for tots. Great for younger users in the Snoezelen® MSE, sensory corner of the classroom, library, reception or bedroom. Can be taken outside as made from shower-proof and UV-resistant fabric. Soft and comfortable. Water-resistant. To be stored indoors.Woven polyester.Size: 50cm diameter

Visual Effects Package

1 x Visual Effects Sensory Bag from SpaceKraft

This bag contains a whole range of effects that provide dramatic moving colour and altering shapes, mesmerizing and encouraging your child to concentrate on the reward. Ooze Tubes and Glitter Tubes provide slow movement while the Jump Bean Motion is quick and exciting. The Magnifying Glass, Kaleidoscope and Eyes Scopes are all visually stimulating. Bag size: H450mm x W350mm. Contents (may vary):

• 1 x Sensory Bag

• 4 x Jump Bean Motions

• 1 x Spiral Tube

• 3 x Ooze Tubes

• 3 x Liquid Timers

• 1 x Multi-Liquid Motion

• 1 x Liquid Cell Timer

• 1 x Twirly Tube

• 2 x Dinki Glitter Tubes

• 1 x Large Glitter Tube

• 1 x Spiral Glitter Tube

• 1 x Eye Scope

• 3 x Liquid Timers

• 1 x Spikey Flashing Ball

• 1 x Wooden Magnifying Glass


I have 5 smaller Autism in Museums packages to give away that could be used in a backpack or front welcome desk consisting of –

1 x ear defenders by Edz Kidz Amazon Ear Defenders

3 x Pom Pom Fidget Balls

1 x Transparent Sensory Liquid Timer

2 x LED torches from Spackekraft


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  1. Hello

    I work GP practice & are trying to find free lights for a Autistic child some sensor lights and toys ? any ideas were i can get some as the family has no money

    Kind regards

    1. Post
  2. Hi, I am autistic and I have chronic depression and anxiety ptsd too. I was wondering if there was any possibility I could possibly get some free sensory fidgets or something please as these really help calm me. Thank you in advance

    1. Post

      Hello Nic,
      Apologies but this offer was for museums only and closed a while a go. I have now made it clear that the offer is closed. Apologies for the confusion. Kind regards, Claire

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