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Roman Review.

Spent yesterday afternoon with twin thing 1 at the Glasgow Museums Resource Centre‘s Autism friendly Romans workshop yesterday and what an utterly fantastic day it was!

A pleasant environment, wonderfully helpful and approachable staff plus a brilliant and interesting array of activities – just enough to keep everyone entertained but not too many as to be overwhelming – made this workshop the perfect way to end the holidays.

Completely hands on and totally accessible to all, the event covered all the bases from arts and craft-based shield designing to working Roman trebuchets via swords and armour (that you could try out) that culminated in a trip to the museum stores to admire (up close) ancient brooches and statues as well as an actual floor tile from Pompeii. 

“On my signal, unleash hell!….and Kinder chocolate….lots of it!” 

With the structured part of the day running at just under 90 mins, there was plenty of time afterwards to revisit favourite bits or just chill out in the sensory room with staff on hand for any questions or chat regarding Rome or anything else that came to mind, their obvious passion and joy for history shining thru’ at every opportunity made the day a joy to attend and both Amelia and I were sad to leave as we (she especially) could have stayed all day.

Over the past 12 months Glasgow Museums more than anyone else have consistently delivered on their promise to present a variety of Autism friendly activities and to make the museum environment a more inclusive place for everyone and for that they should not only be applauded but supported by parents and carers all over Glasgow.

Thanks for a top day, especially to Joanne, Lisa and Natasha who not only enthralled Amelia with tales of Rome but also seemed genuinely interested in her Scottish history (as well as her Gorillaz and anime) chat, going as far as when she announced it being her birthday next week presenting her with a Glasgow Museums book as she left.

She spent the train journey home pouring over the facts and pictures before announcing that the day had been “BRILLIANT!”.
A job well done everyone.
So, when’s the next one?

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