Sensory Backpacks for the Visually Impaired – a case study from the V&A with Abigail Hirsch

  Launched in August 2015, the Curious Ceramics backpack is the V&A’s first backpack aimed at children with visual impairments. The V&A offer a number of backpacks for families, but for this special sensory version they worked in close collaboration with Sense, the national deafblind charity, and Abigail Hirsch an artist and an educator with … [Read more…]

Well aware of Autism

Occasionally I weaken from my daily diet of museums and exhibitions and offer up something a little bit more personal. I always find these blogs harder to write but they often feel kind of therapeutic too. Today is Autism Awareness Day, for a day, a week, a month, the focus turns to Autism. My thoughts have been … [Read more…]

Opening Doors: Rethinking disabled access and interpretation in your museum, Sept 2015

I recently attended the Museums Association Seminar ‘Opening Doors’ on disabled access in museums at the Royal College of Physicians in London. It was a fascinating and inspiring day and I have written up a piece for the Museums Association. You can find it here – If you went along on the day, please let … [Read more…]

Re-imagine: Improving access to the arts, galleries and museums for people with learning disabilities – New report

A few weeks ago ‘Kids in Museums’ drew my attention to a report produced by Lemos and Crane for the City Bridge Trust on improving access for people with learning disabilities, it was a fascinating read and I highly recommend that you take a look. The report looked at art organisations, museums and galleries across … [Read more…]